People Complaining about the Oil Spill


People have been constantly complaining about this oil spill ever since it happened. But these same people need to realize something, you are the ones that need that oil too. The total percentage of US oil that comes from the offshore Gulf of Mexico is just under 32%. All of the oil that comes from the Gulf (the US sector) is used in the US.

Much of that which comes from the Mexican sector is also used in the US. Except for 20,000-60,000 barrels per day that goes to Canada (exports of convenience, from fields near Canadian refineries), all US-produced crude oil is used in the US. When gas and diesel prices skyrocket are we going to have to listen to your complaints then?

Probably the funniest thing I have heard yet if there is a funny coming out of all this is people are complaining about the spill. But when BP started using the oil dispersant to try to break up the oil before it reached shores, they started complaining about this as well. I have come to the conclusion that most people just like to complain.

Why are you blaming BP officials? They are not at fault, the inspectors who failed to do their job are the ones at fault. People are boycotting BP now that is funny because of the name of the owners of the oil rig. But these same people that are “boycotting” are still supporting the company as BP gas and diesel and other products are not the only ones using that oil from BP’s oil rig. To truly “boycott” this oil spill, then you would need to stop using any and all products made from crude oil.

The Obama administration can’t do anything about it, but try to lay blame on – none other than – the Bush administration. But the president wants to spend Memorial Day weekend in Chicago. And how would that look enjoying Hyde Park and maybe yet more golf while the nation’s worst environmental disasters unfolds down south? How’s that change working out for you now?

Yea, it’s a bad thing that happened and yes some sea life will undoubtedly die from it, but it will eventually come back – or move to another part of the ocean. Accidents happen and we need to just work through this one. Was this oil spill preventable – yes, but it would be at a cost that you or I cannot afford as we need that oil coming from the US.

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3 Responses to People Complaining about the Oil Spill

  1. grant says:

    this is the single dumbest article i have read. BP cut corners, cozied up to the MMS, and toed the line on every possible safety and regulatory issue. so youre wrong, theyre at fault too, as is transocean and the govt regulators.

    and no one says we dont need oil, people just want it done responsibly, and it wasnt in this case and thats the outrage. clearly you dont even have a grasp on this issue.

    and no, im not some flaming liberal. i like my oil just as much as everyone else. but it needs to be done right. here, it wasnt. thats why people are pissed.

    • Thanks Grant for your comment, but calling it the single dumbest article you have read is showing you are a true liberal, you evidently don’t hear much news other than listening to what MSNBC says and taking it in as god-like. Opinions are like “assholes” and everybody has one and this is mine. So, take this as fair warning you got your “one flaming comment” towards me, you won’t get a second one.

      • Norma Jean says:

        BP gave us what we wanted, oil at a tollerable price. Adding a lot of “safty” restrictions will not put the oil back in the ground or protect our beautiful gulf. I agree that more needs to be done but lets not throw out the baby with the bath water. I am looking to put 3 to 4 trucks to work on the oil spill. if anyone knows a contact in BP please email my project manager at I really appreciate any help truckernews is able to provide. Thanks


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