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Prophesy DispatchSeries Ver. 5.7 Software Released

January 28, 2009 by Truckdrivernews · Leave a Comment 

Prophesy Transportation Solutions, an Accellos Company, has released version 5.7 of its best-selling DispatchSeries software. Based in part on valuable feedback from current users, this major update includes several new features as well as improvements upon existing features.

Using a newly added Commissions Module, users can now assign one or more dispatchers or salespeople to customers, and automatically calculate and report on commissions due. Commission schedules can be set up to pay based on the gross revenue, gross margin, or a fixed amount per load. Users also have full control over what types of revenue items are commissionable.

A new Broker/Agent Security feature allows system administrators to assign customers to specific Dispatchers or Agents (or groups of Dispatchers or Agents), and set the system so that only those users can see their load activity. This security feature prevents individual agents from seeing what other booking activity and associated customer/revenue data is present in Dispatch for the brokerage as a whole.

New functions have been added to the existing radial search to allow the definition of origin and destination areas that a carrier prefers to run in and what they charge for running in those lanes. The new “Best Fit” search allows users to match carriers to loads in lanes in which they have run historically, or in which they have been set up to run. Loads can also be tendered to one or more carriers via email. Furthermore, the Best Fit option can be used to quickly determine if a driver is available to carry a load that is being offered.

Brokerage companies now have the ability to book a load in one company (typically the brokerage), and assign it to another company (usually the trucking company). The system will then be able to tender the load by copying it to the trucking company and making all necessary accounting transactions such that the payable from the brokerage shows up as revenue within the trucking company. Each set of transactions can then be posted to QuickBooks® or other accounting systems independently. This enhancement will mean a major increase in data entry efficiency by eliminating the need to manually reenter this information in another company’s database.

Also included in this release are numerous user-requested enhancements, such as new abilities to handle trailers and equipment owned by third parties, improved user activity and error logging, enhanced deadhead/unloaded origin tracking, more robust appointment-based alert triggers and scheduling conflict resolution, several new freight bill/BOL styles, and other performance and usability improvements.

About Prophesy Dispatch
Prophesy Dispatch software is the central solution for managing every part of your growing trucking operation. You will never have to enter data twice, as all of your critical information flows in real time throughout every part of your business.

Prophesy creates an environment where efficiency is standard and profit is automatic. Whether you are a for-hire carrier, broker, or private fleet, Prophesy Transportation Solutions has the trucking software solution that is designed for the way you do business.

If you are using QuickBooks® Pro, Peachtree® Complete, or MAS 90® / MAS 200 accounting software, rest assured that all your critical accounting information will flow automatically through Prophesy’s powerful and easy-to-use 3rd-party accounting interface.

To learn more about these enhancements or Prophesy DispatchSeries software as a whole, call (800) 776-6706.

More trucking companies use a Prophesy software solution than any other brand on the market today! Quite simply because we have built the industry’s leading total trucking software solution, designed to manage every facet of a growing trucking operation for both public and private fleets with integrated, comprehensive and easy to use features that ensure unsurpassed efficiency and greater profit.

Prophesy works with its customers to help them:
Explore new solutions and capabilities to make their business more efficient and successful.
Expect the best in quality and functionality from Prophesy.
Exceed their own expectations and those of their customers.

For more than 20 years the Prophesy name has represented quality, reliability and affordability for the trucking industry. Our products offer reliable control over daily trucking operations, yet are easy for growing trucking companies and other fleet operations to implement, integrate and afford. This approach allows our users to build upon their total solution as their needs grow. For more information on how your trucking company can explore, expect, and exceed with the Prophesy Total Solution for Trucking, visit us on the web at today!

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