Question For People Who Complain About Trucks and Truck Drivers


It is very disheartening whenever I hear people talk badly and complain about trucks.

Here is a question you need to stop and ask yourself the next time you have a complaint about truck drivers or that noisy truck.

How do you think the things you buy get to the stores that you buy from – Teleportation?

A good friend of mine – @alanqbrstol – posted a link to a picture of a t-shirt that asked that question.

It is surprising that there are actually people in today’s time that still don’t realize that every item is at some point in time hauled by a truck in one way or another.

Some of the really “great minds” in our society even think that most comes by trains – or should come by train. Yea, I have seen a train pulled up to a Walmart or Kroger store unloading – haven’t you?

Everything that you have ever bought at any store – gets there by a truck – and always will get there by a truck.

People that have not been around trucking have no idea of the sacrifices truck drivers make every month, week or day. All they can see is that big smelly and noisy truck, that is holding them up by about five minutes while they are trying to get to a store or home. I know a lot of truck drivers and I don’t know a single one of them that intentionally intends to hold anyone up.

It takes a special person to be a truck driver – it’s not just sitting behind a steering wheel and driving. Trucking is very hard work for little pay. What other profession do you know of works it’s employees for 70 hours per week without paying any overtime? So give them truckers a break – in fact you should thank a truck driver – when you see them.

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2 Responses to Question For People Who Complain About Trucks and Truck Drivers

  1. Case Calvert says:

    Truckers do a lot for the this economy and it is true that most everything gets to stores through trucks. I believe that trains could be used more often or used smarter. People need to get over the fact that trucks are on the road. Lets find a better way before we ever think about complaining. Maybe if we used trains more often then we wouldn’t have to complain. Great article by the way, cause there are a lot of people complaining. If people thought about for more than two minutes they would realize all are stuff gets here through trucks.

  2. Jim says:

    That may be true but the reason why people complain about truck drivers is because of their poor driving which your comment doesn’t discuss. So, when truck “drivers” can “drive” better and more considerately then we will all no doubt be much more willing to give them a break.


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