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    Rail System vs Highway Infrastructure – Transportation Forecasting

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    Have you ever wondered how the DOT comes up with their “transportation forecast figures?” It is through a process called “transportation forecasting,” which consist of estimating the number of vehicles or travelers that will use a specific transportation facility in the future. It looks to me like anybody could do this job because there is no real way to look into the future, but the DOTs technical name for this is “guessing.”

    If you do a little research into this process, then you will see why they (backers of the rail issues) are pushing the rail issue so much. This is how they came up with the numbers of travelers they say will use high-speed rail to travel between cities. $8 billion dollars was given away just a couple of months ago to all these states for high-speed rail. How can you justify $8 billion dollars given away on a “guess?” And it really wasn’t even a good educated guess, either.

    Yes, of course they do “studies” to try to justify where they will spend the money. But one thing they always seem to not tell the public is there are inaccuracies in these so-called studies. Inaccuracies equaling 106 percent for rail, and up to 40 percent for highway studies.

    When you start “following the money” and looking at whom invest in such projects and who is set to prevail from getting said projects approved, then it all makes sense, sorta. In my first article about the “Rail System vs Highway Infrastructure – Follow the Money” we found out who has the most say over where money is to be spent either on the highway infrastructure or the rail infrastructure – politicians. We also found out who is one of the biggest influences to these politicians – the real estate developers.

    The real estate developers are contacted by the politicians who have seen the “future” so-to-speak and tell them what to buy up at a relatively cheap price, then they develop the land and sell it off for huge profits, and in turn give it back to the politicians in contributions. They make it “look” legal, but it’s really not legal as it seems to be the politicians are getting “inside information.” And then passing that information onto their biggest contributors to their campaigns.

    With the country in the shape it is in now. Why do we need to build all these new “high-speed railways?” Why don’t they take that money and just upgrade our highway infrastructure? The DOT backs it because they say it is creating jobs, and is helping with the travel congestion. But as far as I know all these so-called high-speed rail travelers probably are not traveling to the same places. So instead of having congestion in some cities, we are essentially just moving the congestion to another city.

    Because once the travelers get to their “destination city” they will still need to get in a car or a bus to get to their final destinations. And we are still going to have to work on the highway infrastructure anyway. How convenient for all the “players” involved and get all this inside information. It all boils down to the almighty dollar.

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