Recruiting Websites and Recruiting for CDL Mills: What’s the Difference


Well, it looks like tonight I wasted 90 minutes of my life that I will never get back, just so I would confirm that recruiting for CDL Mills and Recruiting websites are exactly the same.

All this talk, the last few months over trucking school scams, and a show tonight endorsing a “recruiting website” I figure I would do my usual thing, and try and figure out what the heck is going on today in the trucking industry.

CDL Mill recruiters tell all the lies, and make everything sound like roses smell. They recruit a lot of people into these schools which were labeled as school scams last month.

Well, recruiting websites do the exactly same thing. They all run ads like “Company Paid CDL Training Programs!” or “Professional Job Placement for CDL Truck Drivers!” What makes them any different? I don’t see any difference’s in Cdl Mills or these websites.

You can Google trucking jobs, and thousands will come up. Every last one of them claim exactly the same things. Some can claim they won’t charge the driver anything. This maybe true, so who pays them? If the drivers are not paying them, and the “recruitment website” is claiming it can get you a job, then the company is paying them to recruit you as a driver.

I just don’t understand, how one month certain ones can scream foul, and the next month they are all for what they were against last month. Which is it? You are for this or you are against it?

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3 Responses to Recruiting Websites and Recruiting for CDL Mills: What’s the Difference

  1. Asia Reeves (Diesel Lady) says:

    What hypocrisy! I was going to tweet about it, but the 140 depressed me. How do you condemn an industry then turn around and support it? Real truth seekers aren’t they? Tell me, so called trucking advocates out to keep us from harm, which side are you on now?

    • Asia, thanks for the comment. They called this blog a “Flip Flop opinion Trucker blog”. I guess we know the truth now, don’t we? As a good friend told me, they make it too easy..

  2. Todd McCann says:

    I’ve used these websites to get a job search started before. I just completed an online application and companies started calling me. I never spoke to anyone from the website.

    If you’re going to use these websites like I did, I say fine. Just don’t pay for the service or take job advice from them.


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