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I have owned and operated many CB Radio’s in my lifetime. But, this radio is probably the best radio I have owned for a long time.

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Features include 240 channels, adjustable echo/re verb, on/off talk back and more. The cool part is the built in linear amplifier. This linear amp, is well designed, and works GREAT. The circuit board is the best to work with when it comes to big watts, and audio.

The transistors work 10x easier then the other guys, running as cool as this amp can get, and its loud, very loud. But you can get it to be clear as a bell which is a must. Many shops get big watts, but with poor audio. Very rarely does a radio impress me, but this one does.

DON’T concern yourself with pep watts on this or any other radio. I hear day and night how many watts, how many watts? While it does 200-220 on my Bird 4314B, you’d be stupid to pump it up much past this since it can’t keep itself cool at higher watts then this. Anyway its audio, or avg watts that keys on the other guy.

Since properly peaking and tuning this radio pumps up the average talk power tons, this radio talks and walks over non peaked and tuned 4600Ts all day long! Slap on a Wilson 5000 antenna, or any other big antenna and you’ll be talking.

I highly suggest using the Astatic 636L mic with this radio. A great radio for the truck, base, or mobile on a very reliable chassis! Talk skip the world over on your properly tuned Connex 4600T.

If you’re not dedicated to making sure your system is perfect please don’t buy an amplified radio. Connex 4600 Turbos, Galaxy 95T2, RCI 2970DX, etc. and all other amplified radios require good SWR, great antennas, and good power connections. If you’re into big audio and quality however, buy this one! It’s an audio monster 100%.

This radio has been reported by shops on and off the internet, to do well over 200 watts with a standard tune/peak, super tune, or other pep type tune up.


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  3. John Melendez says:


    I have to agree that CONNEX is THE ONE to get for both great power and audio. While maybe it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that the other contenders may flaunt, nothing beats a Connex for durability and no-frills heavy-duty service.

    I own a Connex 3300 HP and would gladly upgrade to a 4600 Turbo. Why don’t I? Because I’m still really happy with my 3300 HP! I figure, why improve on something that’s already great? No doubt the 4600 Turbo is.

    You can’t go wrong with a Connex.

  4. james says:

    Just bought a connex 4600 turbo and love it everyone i talk to says its loud and crystal clear. Not a trucker but newly cber and had a friend talk me into getting it put it in my pickup with a 102″ steel whip and blows smoke if i had it to do again more than certain i’d buy the same radio with no hesitation

  5. big dog 911 says:

    i am looking for lo/hi pods inside this rig,or text 5187011740 info thx and have a blessed 2012 beep!!


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