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Well, if you are looking for a “big CB Radio” let me suggest to you the Galaxy Dx 98VHP.

This is one bad ass radio! I bought mine back last December, and had it installed in a 2008 Volvo 6 axle dump truck. The radio is huge, and weighs a lot, so we had to “fabricate” a mount, because the mount that comes with it, is just a stock mount. It would not work in my set-up.

This radio is pricey, but well worth the extra change if you really want to “reach out and touch someone.” I gave a few dollars over Five-Hundred dollars for mine, but this included shipping, and having it setup, and also the installation. BTW, this is not a typical install yourself kind of a radio unless, you know what you are doing. The power chord is a number eight gauge wire, that needs to go directly to the battery, it has a “fifty amp” fuse that connects to the battery to protect the battery. It also has a “fifty amp” fuse just before connecting it to the radio for protection of the radio.

I recommend running the “hot and ground wire” to the battery, you don’t necessarily have to connect the ground to the battery, it can go to any ground. But, Five-Hundred dollars for a CB Radio, I was not taking any chances. The best and cheapest I found for the “wiring” was a “car stereo amp installation kit”. It also has a quick disconnect built into the kit, which allows you to quickly remove the radio if need be.

I also recommend a “Wilson 5000 trucker antenna” for this setup. This is not a radio you want a “cheap” antenna on. Plus, allow the technician, that is installing your radio to install the antenna for you. If the tech has the right tuner he can get the SWR to a flat match most of the time on any specific channel, mainly the channel you will be talking on all the time.

OK, now for the specifics of this radio:

  • 200 watt maximum power output (PEP) from eight IRF520 MOSFETs (This is what the factory says, it will do over 300 with ease.)
  • 50 watts more than our DX95T2
  • New power cord using an “SY” type quick disconnect,
  • AM/USB/LSB modes, but no FM
  • Side mic jack – not a front mic jack
  • StarLite faceplate (all printing is backlit)  The radio will light up green, but can be turned off as well.
  • 8 gauge wire and an AGU gold plated 50 amp fuse
  • New larger bottom heat sink with two internal fans (this radio weighs eight pounds)
  • Blue LEDs for frequency and channel readouts
  • Blue meter lamp on our signature large meter


  • Red modulation LED under the meter, but no modulation scale on the meter
  • Variable power output control
  • Variable receive gain control
  • Variable dimmer control for LEDs, meter lamp and faceplate lettering
  • Switch to turn off the frequency digits
  • Variable Talkback circuit with on/off switch
  • Echo and Voice Changer like the old DX99V, but no Robot
  • Echo/Voice Changer controls on the front panel, not inside the radio
  • Roger Beep with on/off switch
  • Automatic SWR circuit
  • Standard clarifier circuit – no on/off switch
  • Same main PC board as our DX95T2

This is one of the most powerful radio’s I have ever owned. It does talk and receive really well, and all who have heard it, say it is very clear and loud and proud! I have only received compliments on the radio. I would recommend this radio to any “experienced” CB Radio user. It is not for a “novice” in CB Radio’s.

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6 Responses to Review – Galaxy Dx 98VHP

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  2. GJ says:

    Been thinking bout one of these jason . I have a DX55V , older model , that is peaked and tuned so it gets out a good 5 or 6 miles , i love it but it is just wearing out . So I have been looking around for a replacement , altough right now $500 is a we bit pricey considring the year we have had .

    • Jason Cox says:

      Thanks Gloria for the comment. Well, the $500.00 mind you was for a brand new one, shipping, conversion and installation. I have seen them online for $350.00 too, check several different sites/stores.

      I could have beaten the price I paid..but then I would have had to pay someone to install, and convert, and so on anyway..

      But, if you are wanting a “big bad ass” CB Radio then this is the one…

  3. Joe says:

    i got my galaxy dx98vhp from GI Joes and ordered the astatic 636l mic, frequency expansion for use here in New Zealand and the tx,rx improvements, within seconds of installation into a station master vertical with a swr of 1.4 on 26.330, 1.1 on 26.770 and dead flat over the 27mhz 40ch’s there was a distinct “clipping\overdrive” coming from inside wether power was on minimum or maximum, the meter was swinging well over the 250max on the meter towards what i’m guessing about 280w, within days i was getting a few reports of my modulation sounding like i was under water, this prob stopped after i turned the unit off for a few hours and might not get it again for a week or 10 days until after about 3 months of rare use i keyed it and heard a very distinctive pop noise and that horrible smell, upon contacting galaxy they have had a few probs with GI Joes tech buggering the tune ups, they happily sent replacement parts but unfortunatly the parts sit in the box with the radio as there very few competant repairers in NZ, so if you do buy one DONT get it from GI Joes ASK around first but i’m missing my baby like there no tomorrow, i’m currently on a dx99v in the mobile and base till the BEAST gets fixed. and as for 300w for the extra on the radio is it worth it when 240-250w is good for it. Í’M NOT KNOCKING GALAXY and would look at their radios again but i will say tweak and tune responsibly and enjoy talking on it and not just looking at it in the box(for $980NZ by the time customs nz got their bit it’s an EXPENSIVE lesson).
    73′s & Happy DXing

  4. Frank says:

    Small correction for clarity. The DX98VHP is not a CB radio. No 11 meter out of the box. It is a 10 meter radio.

  5. Barata Bruno says:

    Hello everyone! and excuse my english;), I’m from Portugal and i´m a driver trucker. I have a radio ultra force albrecht very soft spot: (. and I wonder, how have to send come from USA, a DX 98 cb galaxy? here need to be a big dog in the city hehehe.
    please help me


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