‘Road Rage’ and Trucking


In any type of vehicle “road rage” is a bad idea, especially a tractor trailer. According to Wikipedia -road rage is described as aggressive or angry behavior by a driver of an automobile or other motor vehicle.

Such behavior might include rude gestures, verbal insults, deliberately driving in an unsafe or threatening manner, or making threats. Road rage can lead to altercations, assaults, and collisions which result in injuries and even deaths. It can also be an extreme case of aggressive driving.

There are reports every day of some kind of road rage happening. It usually is non violent, but sometimes it goes too far. As was the case on January 15th when Alan Lauritzen was stabbed to death because of road rage apparently. David Seddon, was arrested a couple of days later in the murder. Apparently the two had been arguing on the CB Radio, and decided to “settle” their dispute on the side of the road. It is a sad day when two grown men argue on a CB Radio, and neither were able to be the “bigger man” and turn the radio off.

Reports say they were engaged in CB Chatter, and were jockeying for positions on the road, and the argument ensued, and the two pulled over on the shoulder of the road. People today are just in too big of a hurry. You see it everywhere, not just in big cities I live in a very small town and it happens here as well.

Sometimes, when truck drivers are tired they will play a little game called “CB Rambo” to try to stay awake. Other times it is just an “idiot” who really does not know how to interact with normal people. In any case this is sometimes how road rage will start off in trucking. Other times it is when a driver with a faster truck is fighting for positions on the road, and suddenly a slower truck cuts them off, just trying to avoid an accident or some hazard that happened in front of them. The driver with the faster truck has to slow down, and then usually if the slower truck doesn’t jump back over out of the faster trucks way, the argument will begin. Even though really the slower truck had nothing to do with starting the argument.

Drivers, need to take a “chill pill,” especially today as there is more traffic on the highways. Fuel prices are up and freight prices are down, really no need to be in such a big hurry. In heavy traffic, I have found that if you just pick a lane and stay in it, and try to keep up with the flow of traffic, you will get through the tie-ups just as fast as the “super trucker” did.

I found an interesting website for checking to see if the city you are in ranks very high for road rage. You can check it out by clicking here.

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  1. Gloria says:

    I see the road rage daily jason . often it is directed at myself or my coworkers . Apparently us “mudbuggy” drivers aren’t “real” truck drivers and are reminded daily by the “billy big riggers” out there . I barely escaped with my truck intact one day from an extremely po’d Dart driver , who tried to run me into a jersey barrier , all because I had room to pass him and I was a woman . He told me that he would make sure I stayed home where I belonged and then proceeded to come across the dotted line at my truck , luckily I had just enough throttle to outrun him . My boss has left my truck ungoverned just for that reason and I greatly appreciate him for that .


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