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    School Scams, Sexual Harassment, Reported Abuse, and Success

    January 15, 2010 by Truckdrivernews · 2 Comments 

    WOW, I know this is a lot to take in, but as of late seems like this is all we are hearing about.

    I’m going to try to break this post down in the order that the title is in, I know probably not happen, but at least I tried.

    Dan Rather, a has been news reporter who was fired from his job, and then lost a court battle against his former employer for basically lying, “supposedly” is getting out to the public “Trucking School Scams.”

    The claims made in the first segment of trucking school scams, was because a female driver claimed she was charged $5500.00 for a three week training course at a truck driving school. She said she was not properly trained in the three weeks, and that many students are not properly trained at truck driving schools. Well, let’s look here at what “training” truck driving schools provide. Schools provide the very basics of what is required in order to drive a truck? They teach you to shift, make turns without hitting curbs, down shifting and up-shifting without allowing the truck to “coast”, they also show you how to do a text book “pre-trip inspection.”

    Trucking schools show you how to do various backing procedures, and parking procedures in order to pass the “driving test” at the schools as well as what the state requires. A student is also taught some safety in classrooms, and some of the paperwork involved with trucking, such as log books, and map reading, and bill of lading paperwork that deals with hazardous materials. Some schools are affiliated with truck training companies, and so these schools will push for you as the student to fill out applications for pre-hire letters from certain companies.

    In return the companies will pay the bill and you go to work for that company and they take their money back in small installments each week from your check. And yes I may not have covered everything as some things could have changed it has been fifteen years since I went to school. But this basically explains what schools do. They provide you a piece of equipment that will pass a DOT inspection, and they teach you the “bare” necessity’s in order to pass the driving test. They will never or were they ever designed to provide training in order to actually go and deliver loads on your own.

    That falls onto the responsibility of the training company. They are the ones that “train you” to be a safe and proficient driver. The female driver in the first segment, evidently was given all this by the school she went to because she is still driving a truck, and the training company she went with must have done their job too, as she has not had any accidents, or violations, or at least she doesn’t tell of any. So, what else are we to believe?

    I will however, agree with the EX CRST driver examiner that said he was forced to move student drivers on through the line so to speak, as many, many new drivers in the industry don’t have enough training, and are put out in a truck by themselves too early. This does need worked on, but to blame a school for “scam” that is not in place to provide that kind of training is absurd.

    Now onto all these “claims” of sexual harassment, and sexual abuses, and reported abuses in general. I know, I have seen the CRST article that claims over two hundred women were sexually harassed or abused during their training sessions that involved being in a truck with another driver (trainer). I find it really hard to believe that all these women were actually taken advantage of. How many of these women were involved with their trainer while in training, and once the training was over they were dumped? Then, they filed the sexual assault and harassment claims? How many of them were “stubborn” and wanted to argue with the trainer? When the trailer told them to do something and the trainer retaliated with a burst of unmentionable, verbal lashings.

    It’s been reported that trainers have raped and are drug heads, but the one that reports this just wants to shed a light on it, but do NOTHING about it. By her companies standards she is more than qualified to train a student. Why doesn’t she? In my honest opinion, it’s because a “reported abuse” on her advocacy record wouldn’t look good. From my own experience with this woman, she is NOT a “people person,” and would in fact be hard to get along with. Resulting in her most likely being written up with an abuse charge on her record, as she constantly does online “bullying” and “belittling” tactics to try to get her way.

    Let’s move on to the success part of the title. Why doesn’t Dan Rather report the thousands of success stories from these same schools he reported that are scamming new drivers? That’s because success stories in general don’t sell. But, we are expected to believe that all this is going on because of what six or seven people have reported out of the tens of thousands of students that went through these schools? I mean I’m not the smartest person around, but I only counted six or seven people in total in the videos that reported any scams or sexual assaults and abuses and improper training. And yet again “Opinions are like assholes because everybody has one” and these have been mine. (To Be Continued)

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    2 Responses to “School Scams, Sexual Harassment, Reported Abuse, and Success”
    1. Asia Reeves (Diesel Lady) says:

      BRAVO…I SAY BRAVO! Well said and accurately put. As I’ve mentioned on Twitter, I had two trainers. Both were hispanic and both were WONDERFUL INSTRUCTORS! Neither of them ever came on to me in a “compromising” way and I was made to feel very comfortable while in their trucks. These are the things that are not addressed and it’s making me sick to my stomach. There are more “success” stories than there are “horror” stories and trying to make the trucking industry seem ALL BAD is extremely irresponsible. There is no industry that is perfect and why some can’t understand that is beyond me.

      People don’t like to talk about the fact that there are indeed many women who blatantly LIE when it comes to harassment and rape. This hurts women who have genuine cases as their claims are not taken seriously.

      When are the so called “trucking advocates” going to address the fact that many female truck drivers actually prostitute themselves out of their trucks. Some wear provocative clothing, use severe foul language and initiate sexual advances towards their trainers as well as other male drivers. It will never be addressed because it’s as you mentioned…not something that sells.

      I commend you for taking both sides of the issue and in fairness stating the facts…not emotional rhetoric. Keep us informed and I’ll be sure to keep spreading your accurate pieces. You, Jason, are indeed an ADVOCATE FOR TRUCKERS!

      Asia Reeves
      ~Diesel Lady~



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