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Two summers ago, a Chelmsford family awoke to an unimaginable sight: a man dressed entirely in black, fully armed with knives, attacking a teenage daughter. The father fought the man and kept him subdued until police arrived.

The man in black turned out to be Adam Leroy Lane, a North Carolina trucker who parked his rig on Route 495, before looking for victims. In his truck, detectives found a DVD called, “How To Kill Humans”

Over the last five years, the FBI has been gathering data on unsolved murders across the country. As the Bureau’s data base grew, the FBI reached a startling conclusion: long distance truckers are responsible for 500 unsolved murders across the USA. The victims were mostly women, many of them prostitutes, drug abusers, and runaways, who willingly got into the cabs of big rigs at truck stops. Their bodies have been found along highways from coast to coast. The FBI has identified 200 potential suspects.

Just three days before Adam Leroy Lane was arrested in Chelmsford, investigators from the Middlesex County DA’s office returned from an FBI seminar focusing on what is now known as the Highway Serial Killers Initiative. DA Gerry Leone sent the investigators to the conference hoping the information would result in one more tool to investigate unsolved crimes. That decision had immediate results.

The investigators in Chelmsford combed through Lane’s trucking logs, discovered his route, and started to reach out to other police departments along the East Coast. They quickly realized that the night before Lane was arrested in Chelmsford, there was a similar home invasion which led to a brutal murder in New Jersey. Lane was in the area. And he was in the area where two more brutal murders took place in Pennsylvania.

Adam Leroy Lane has pleaded guilty to the Chelmsford home invasion, and the NJ murder. The PA cases are under investigation, but he is a suspect.

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