Slow down – it’s that time of year


It’s that time of year again, as the season’s transition from summer to fall, and then the dreaded winter time. If you have not already this year ran in the snow, you will. Be careful and try to slow down some. The first snow trip or two is always the worst, it takes everybody a couple of days of driving in the snow to get the hang of it, sort of.

Some weather forecasters are saying this winter in the northeast is going to be a bad one, much colder and more snow this year. Last year it seemed pretty bad to me, I spent last winter driving from Detroit,MI. to just south of Pittsburgh, PA. everyday, well everyday I could when the weather permitted. The snow making machine called Lake Erie, kept us from doing it everyday.

I really don’t mind driving in snow, in the daytime. I rarely drive at night especially if it is snowing, unless I am really familiar with the road. Otherwise, nope there is NO load worth having an accident.

Also, I wanted to remind you that Halloween is just around the corner. I realize that stupid people do stupid stunts all the time, but add the fact that it is pretty normal for people to dress up this month, and it could scare the bejeebies out of you. I can also remember back a few years ago, while I was pulling a dump trailer hauling rock and coal. Around this time of year, the corn in the fields is getting ready to be picked. Field corn is hard, and can be thrown at some distance. Teenagers get bored and they like to get corn and go “corning”, same thing with eggs, they go “egging”. I would get “corned” several times a week, it’s not that bad as long as they don’t hit the cab of the truck. But, if the cab is hit it will make you jump, and could cause an accident.

This time of year ii seems like more reports of “thing’s” being thrown from overpasses at vehicles. Always keep an eye open when approaching an overpass.

With the weather cooling down, be on the look out for broke down vehicles. People who just drive a car or pickup back and forth to work everyday, don’t “winterize” their vehicles until it is to late. So there is always a increase of broken down vehicles along side the road.

Also, a good reminder is to change out your windshield wiper blades, before it’s to late. Anyway, I don’t want to turn this post into a preventive maintenance post. Just wanting to put some reminders up for the upcoming season’s. As always you are more than welcome to add to this in a comment.

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