Smart Phone Truckers: Speeding Tickets? Protect your Rights with My Max Speed


My Max Speed™ documents your rate of speed by geo-location every 5 seconds to accurately confirm your speed at the time of a citation or need.

Iconosys announces the release of My Max Speed™ for smart phones – a speed monitoring app to encourage safe driving and protect consumer rights.

With My Max Speed™, users log their rates of speed every 5 seconds they are in travel. Among other uses, this information is valuable for drivers who want to review their driving speeds and confirm they are
driving within the safe legal limits.

The data is stored in a spreadsheet, compatible with Microsoft Excel, and is exportable in batches or in 5 minute data snapshots, covering a specific instance. Inside the spreadsheet display in the app, each speed recording can be tapped to display the exact physical location in a map format.

“There are hundreds of reasons to run My Max Speed on your smart phone. We expect many will help protect drivers’ rights while others will make the roads safer. For example, our children are more apt to drive slower/safer if they know there is a chance that I will be checking their speed reports,” commented Wayne Irving, CEO.

Additionally, app users pulled over for driving over the speed limit can confirm in an instant that their rate of speed matches what the law enforcement officer reports. In some cases this may save the consumer hundreds of dollars in the event that the law enforcements method of capturing the rate of speed is flawed.

In other cases, secondary offenses may be cited, where as the consumer may be pulled over for speeding and cited for something else. This includes but is not limited to infractions like; seat belts, proof of insurance and others. Having proof that speeding did not occur can impact other citations the driver may be exposed to.


  • The large display shows rate of speed in large format, showing you your highest rate of speed in past five minutes of driving/traveling
  • Store rates of speed every five seconds in a spreadsheet format
  • Store speed snapshots in five minute segments for evidentiary purposes
  • Export speed reports to Excel, Word, Power Point or other software
  • Tap on the spreadsheet sheet display in the app on any specific speed instance and get a daytime map
  • Send your speed reports to another thru email and or share on Facebook

The scenario:

In New York, an officer discovers that the driver is driving without a seatbelt fastened but cannot pull over the driver because driving without a seatbelt is a secondary offense. The officer decides to pull over the driver and gives driver a ticket for speeding and the unbuckled seatbelt. Thankfully, driver is using MY MAX SPEED™ on a regular basis and has logged his maximum speed at that time. Driver goes to court showing proof of driving under the legal limits and gets all charges dropped.

States where texting while driving is a secondary offense include: Iowa, Nebraska, New York, and Virginia. Officers who discover drivers’ texting cannot pull them over unless the driver commits a primary offense.

In 2009, speeding was a contributing factor in 30 percent of all fatal crashes, and 12,628 lives were lost in speeding-related crashes. The economic cost to society of speeding-related crashes is estimated by the NHTSA to be $28 billion per year. Speeding is a deliberate and calculated behavior where the driver knows the risk but ignores the danger. Fully 90 percent of all licensed drivers speed at some point in their driving career, and 75 percent admit to committing this offense regularly.

My Max Speed™ us available for free in an ad-supported version, and or $4.99 in an ad-free version from the Android Market or from

About Iconosys, Inc.
Iconosys, the maker of the world renown DriveReply™, Trick or Tracker™, and Tell My Geo™ is develops technologies and technology driven products for it’s clients with a goal to design apps to enrich, enhance, make safer our day to day lives. Iconosys also develops both client-side and server-side applications that, it believes, will be unique and trendsetting and are designed to fit the time-sensitive, constantly evolving needs of today’s and tomorrow’s consumers. Iconosys and its client-side app development team are specialists in developing Smartphone and tablet optimized solutions.

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