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I have recently been seeing lots of truck vs car related accidents showing up in the news. I especially am keeping an eye on these accidents as it seems everybody and their brother is just looking for another excuse to add another regulation to truck drivers. When I was on the road I would see thousands of accidents every year and a lot of them looked like suicide attempts by the car drivers.

I mean really how many of all these accidents that happen do they really look into and investigate? I know they claim to investigate these accidents by recreating them, but really how can you recreate what a person is thinking – if they are dead? Times are tough and people have a lot of stress these days and suicide happens in many different ways.

Here are some good facts from Land Line Media Blog:

Number one: If a truck and car crash into one another, it is far more likely to be the car driver’s fault. Previous U.S. studies have shown that in at least 75 percent of fatalities involving cars and trucks, the truck driver is not at fault. The data continue to confirm that, despite driving far larger vehicles with 20 to 40 times the weight of small cars, and while driving far more miles annually, truck drivers are responsible for far fewer wrecks and fatalities than other drivers.

4,000 annual deaths tied to commercial vehicles (including buses, delivery vehicles, and farm equipment), the vast majority aren’t the fault of the commercial vehicle driver. That figure, by the way, has continued to drop in recent years – and is far below the 40,000 to 200,000 annual deaths caused by medical physician errors.

Here is another lone fact that safety advocates won’t tell the general public about “all these killer trucks” on the highways. When a motorcyclist or pickup driver speeds into the back of a trailer and dies that fatality is counted among the 4,000 annual deaths tied to commercial vehicles. Here is an example of this that happened today:

The driver of a Toyota Prius died after apparently rear-ending a tractor-trailer carrying an oversize load of rebar, which extended beyond the end of the flatbed. An eyewitness said that the driver of the Prius did not appear to slow down before the impact.

An just so you naysayers out there the trucker felt a “jolt” and looked in his mirror and saw that obviously there was a car behind him and it had rear-ended him. The truck driver immediately pulled over to the berm and ran back and tried to render aid to the victim – but the person was already deceased. This is a fatality that will be included into a statistic as a fatality involving a tractor trailer – but in no way the trucker’s fault. This could have been a “suicide by way of a truck accident.”

41,000 to 45,000 traffic deaths occur every year within the U.S. Walkers and bikers account for 15% of the total traffic deaths each year. Fewer than 9% of those deaths involve commercial vehicles. More than 80% of those accidents are the fault of the non-commercial driver. Of those death related accidents only 4% of trucks are fatigue related. Drinking related accounted for .06% of those accidents.

There is nearly 4 million truck drivers out on the road driving millions of accident free miles per year. These are professional drivers – yes there are a few “bad eggs” out there too – but the vast majority of truckers actually know how to drive. I’ve seen some statistics that say when a truck versus a car accident happens 90% of the time the driver of the car instantly dies and more than 80% of the time it is the car drivers fault. Suicide by way of a truck happens and I bet I would be safe in saying it happens a lot.

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  1. lisa lowski says:

    I know this driver personally and it was no suicide


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