Some thing’s never change

Its really interesting to see that some thing’s never change. Here, it has been a couple weeks now since “the clique” on twitter, had their big blow out about, how OOIDA should step up and get the Rivenburg’s to the Dallas Truck show. Now I see the same one’s praising OOIDA for a couple of articles they wrote. Which is it? I wished they would make up my mind here.

I am surprised that OOIDA would even acknowledge them after some of the thing’s that were said about OOIDA. They have more of a heart than I do. Oh, you are probably wondering how I know what “the clique” is up to on twitter, since I deleted my account? Yea, I have a new account, BUT only a select few know who I am, and that’s the way it will remain. Yea, I am a nosy bastard and have to keep up with what “the clique” is doing.

Its funny how you can change a user name and everything is okie dokie in twitterville. Even a few of “the clique” are “friends” of mine again, even though they don’t realize it. Onto more important information. If you notice this blog not updating like it was, well that’s because I am not feeling well, and have not felt well for a few weeks. As a matter of fact I have almost been bed ridden for the past week. I will be going to the Dr. on Monday to be checked out. I will try to update a few thing’s next week, have a good weekend and be safe!

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