Some ways to save money while on the road


In the 15 years of driving a truck, things have gotten more expensive while out on the road. Especially for a “new driver” or somebody that recently changed driving jobs. The only money you have is from a cash advance that you can take (if the company offers it), unless you have money saved up to spend while out on the road, most don’t.

You can save money by hitting Walmarts, or your store of choice, and buying things to take on the truck with you. Such as canned goods, beanie weenies, pork and beans, vienna sausages, etc.. Small canned goods that won’t go bad. You don’t want to buy big cans, unless you plan on eating all of it at one sitting. Not like you can wrap it up and keep it from spilling everywhere, while traveling down the road.

First chance you get pick up a cooler/refrigerator from Walmarts the Colman brand is a good one. It cost a little bit, about $90.00 but it is worth it. You can keep meat in it for sandwiches, milk, pop, anything you want to keep cold.

The best investment I found while driving a truck, was the “lunch box” cooker that Pilot Truck Stop sells, you can purchase it with points you have saved up from fueling. These little cookers will cook just about anything in just a few minutes. They get extremely hot, up to 300 degrees, so anything you want that doesn’t need more tempature to cook, you can cook with one of these.

Also, Pilot sells the precooked “Delmonte Dinners” that do NOT need to be kept in the fridge, but they are expensive. Unless you go to Walmart and get them, they have a nice variety of them and they are pretty tasty. You can cook them in about 15 minutes with one of these cookers.

Here is a picture of the stove I am talking about:

Here is what the Del monte Meals look like:

This is just a sample of what you can do to save some money on the road, I am positive that there are many more ways, but these are how I used to do it. Feel free to leave a comment, with your money savings tip!

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