Stimulus Money Success or Failure


I, like you, have probably read countless different articles about how the $787 billion stimulus package was a success and then some articles showing what a big failure it actually was. So was it a huge success like the Obama followers keep touting?

The answer depends on whichever news site you use to get your updated regularly website of lies – truth is most “news” sites won’t tell you except what they are allowed to put out there for readers to see. As I have said many times before I will never sugar coat anything that I know smells or looks like “Bull Sh*t.”

Obama and his followers claimed the $787 billion stimulus package would “save millions of jobs” and bring the country back from the brink of economic catastrophe. And according to another article I just read, as of September 30th 70% of the stimulus has been spent but – according to only 750,045 jobs – have been created/saved. I’m not sure how they can figure “saving” a job, but I’m sure it came from the same bull that Obama gets his BS from.

When the US Secretary of Transportation is not touting about the banning of texting and driving he is “blowing his own horn” about how the Recovery Act is keeping workers on the job today building infrastructure for tomorrow. Funny thing is most if not all these big road projects the DOT brags about are done by either state DOT workers or union companies. But that is something they don’t want you to know about – they think you are stupid, ignorant people.

Before the stimulus package passed, experts predicted the government would lose 5% to 7% of it to fraud surprisingly enough only .2% of the 190,000 projects are being investigated. They use “newfangled computer algorithms” that can track suspicious spending patterns before there’s a complaint – the keyword being “they.” If “they” developed the newfangled computer algorithm then “they” could and would be able to make it say anything “they” want it to say.

Senators Tom Coburn and John McCain have targeted a slew of Recovery Act projects they consider wasteful – see “Summertime Blues” – for a list of 100 projects that are considered wasteful spending.

According to one article I read, Vice-President Joe Biden, Obama’s point man on the stimulus – fraud has been “the dog that hasn’t barked.” Funny Joe, but fraud is just as bad as wasteful spending and it has barked several times and continues to howl – every day. Vice-President Joe Biden, personally blocked 260 projects that flunked his smell test, including a $120,000 Army Corps of Engineers plan to print brochures about a lake cleanup. “We said, Hey, man, no brochures, put it on a website,” Biden recalled in an interview this summer. “Stupid thing, but it saved that dollar amount.”

But Joe, it “smelled” okay to spend $10,000 on signs to tell people this is how your stimulus money was “wasted” I mean spent?

I will end this by saying if you are working and have a job and are surviving this economy you had better thank GOD, not the government. I hope people “smarten-up” before November – or heaven help us all.

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