Strike Possible for Truck Drivers in the US


Every year there is talk about a strike amongst truck drivers that feel they have been dealt a bad hand in the poker game of the trucking industry. But that is usually as far as it goes, but this year might be different.

Truck drivers have been pushed just about to the breaking point with rules and regulations thrown at them. And with slow freight and high fuel prices, it’s like a ticking time bomb waiting to explode.

This year started off on a bad note, and it’s only getting worse. The DOT imposed a decree upon truckers that said drivers were not allowed to send and receive text or email messages while in the truck. If they were caught doing this, then they could face a fine of up to $2750.00

Next the FMCSA and DOT announced that companies that have a 10% or worse deficiency of hours-of-service violations after just one audit/inspection will have to get an approved electronic on-board recorder (EOBR) just like a ‘black box’ in an airplane. This will undoubtedly put some more truckers out of jobs, as I’m sure these “DOT approved” EOBRs are not cheap.

Truckers also are awaiting the dreaded [CSA2010] that was due in a few weeks, but has been set back until November at the earliest. Companies are already being able to get some information out of it now, but the full effect will be later this year. [CSA2010] has the potential to remove 175,000 drivers as soon as it is started according to the DOT.

The FMCSA is also putting together a medical review board to study some new medical rules that have been suggested, to see if it is something that should be added. If the new medical rules are added, I’m guessing I would be safe to say that this will be the “straw that broke the camel’s back.” As there will be 1000s of more drivers disqualified and out of work,

If this wasn’t enough to deal with, now diesel prices are climbing again and the freight rate is staying put. I don’t think that everyone realizes that driver’s can only take so much, and that it is getting close to being the end of driver’s just sitting back and taking it – without a fight. Is there a strike on the horizon for US truck drivers? I would say that there will be more participation if there is, and that it will be bad if it happens.

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5 Responses to Strike Possible for Truck Drivers in the US

  1. Chuck says:

    I agree we need to strike the whole nation. The problem is most company drivers would lose their jobs. Maybe we need to get them all to take hometime at the same time. But I doubt that work would work. Something does need to wake them up,to the fact that we keep this nation running and more needs to be done to help the drivers, rather than put us out of work.

  2. Bob says:

    Getting to the point I just don’t care. I’m getting to the point that I’d rather just go back to flipping burgers. These big companies will put just any swinging henry behind the wheel of a big truck, which I don’t blame Henry for wanting to better his life. But just like when the illegals do a $10 hr job for $5 hr the $10 hr job becomes a $5 hr job I made nore money 20 yrs ago doing the same or lesser job. Because just as the $5 hr illegal puts up with a lot of bullshit to keep his job. So does the swinging Henry off the street. And as the Company expects more and more off of Henry, then they start expecting me to do Henry’s job too. F That. At my current rate of pay compared to what it cost to live in this truck. I’d be better off flipping burgers.

  3. candice says:

    I agree, we need to strike. Who cares what happens, they need to know that truckers keep the nation moving. Just three days would make everyone run like chickens with their heads cut off. We need to do it now and soon. I think it needs to be organized. There needs to be a website where truckers can get together and figure out how and when. We need to have a support system with our companies and we also need to figure out how we are going to start protesting these regulations on a federal and state level. If any one has any suggestions or would like to help me get this thing started then don’t hesisitate to contact me and reply to this posting. I’m ready to show them our true value!!!!

  4. todd says:

    yes we need a strike the rules we can follow but we need pervaling wages for the fedral 14hours ,also need to be clasified as skilled labor by the labor union,i can not see us getting fired for being over weight thats going to far most d.o.t officers are fat pigs just like my ex wife she is a d.o.t officer she was lean and skinny 8 years ago now she is a fat pig so should we fire her also? dam the trucking rules ect ,,we will be herd soon enought i think we need a goverment agency looking out for us drivers we get screwed every dam day ..waiting time lay over.. miles, every dam thing but i love my job some one needs to be are voice!

  5. Bad Luck Duck says:

    I started a drivers league recently to attempt to organize America’s drivers. It is a fledgling organization known as the Commercial Driver’s League. The chief goal of CDL is to get as many of our drivers together to effect great changes which , in turn, will effect our hours of service, our right to protect ourselves and our property, fuel prices, regulations, and availability of services and parking in freight corridors across America. We have allowed politicians to systematically deprive us of our dignity and well-being for far too long, be it by sitting in a freezing truck in New York due to anti-idling laws, or paying insane prices for fuel at the pumps. Between NAFTA and CSA2010….we’ve been pretty much screwed twelve ways to Sunday. I hope you will join me in sending a message to the bureaucrats of this nation and help me form a bill of rights for drivers all across this great land.


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