Survive being with a Truck Driver Trainer


First of all, I don’t “claim to be an expert” but I do have some suggestions for new male or female truckers to be able to survive the grueling time spent with a trainer.

It is very true some trainers don’t know how to train. I am not meaning they don’t know how to train you for the job, but how to go about doing the process. Some companies if you have been driving for two months you can be considered a trainer. This is usually the kinds of companies you will have problems with.

A lot of companies don’t look for “quality trainers” but look for a “quantity in trainers”. As they get so many new truck drivers, they really have no choice in the matter. As long as the driver hasn’t had any accidents, is really all they care about. The insurance companies are basically the ones that tell them who is allowed to train and who isn’t, when the driver only has two months experience. Meaning, can this driver be insured to have someone ride with them or not.

The good trainers that the industry has, usually have been driving for a long time. They have years of experience, and are really good at what they do. Very seldom will a good trainer have less than a couple of years experience driving a truck. In my experience with training new drivers at previous companies, is the hardest to train, is a driver from another company. This is what I would always tell new drivers from other companies. “Just because you have been driving before you came here does not mean you have been doing it right.”

My main experience has been in “heavy haul” with a coal bucket, and flat bed with oversize, and liquid and pneumatic tankers. There is way more to training involved in these parts of the industry than in just general freight pulling a dry van. I have never trained anyone for general freight as I didn’t pull a dry van, but maybe six months total.

For all new drivers:
My suggestion for you to be able to survive training with a male trainer, is to get rid of your attitude. Listen to everything the trainer has to say. Obviously, if the trainer tells you to do something illegal don’t, you are supposed to know the driving rules, so use your head. If you do not know how to do something tell them you don’t know how to do something. Ask questions, but don’t get annoying with them. Give the trainer some space, you are in his “house”. Don’t bring annoying “toys” on the truck with you. If you smoke and the trainer does not smoke, don’t smoke.

Don’t come on the truck “acting like” you know everything. Use common sense, if you have any and try to get along. If you feel you are not able to get along with a trainer, then try getting off the truck as soon as possible. Don’t keep putting it off, your first instinct is always your best instinct.

For new women drivers:
Same goes for you listed above, but adding to it. What I always told my daughter while she was growing up in high school, if you dress, talk, and act like a “slut”, “whore” or whatever then you will most likely be treated like one. Sorry to put it point blank to you like this, but it is true. Women like to “complain” I know I am married, don’t do a lot of complaining if the trainer ask you to do something. It’s a job not a game so be prepared to get dirty.

Obviously getting dressed with the curtain open is not normal. Use your head, statistically women are supposed to be smarter than men. But a lot of women I know have no common sense. This is by far not all that can be done, hopefully some women will read this and add their two cents in the comments.

As with any of my post/articles these are just my opinions, take them for what they are worth. If anyone has something to add that is relevant then feel free to do so in the comment section.

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2 Responses to Survive being with a Truck Driver Trainer

  1. Todd McCann says:

    Great advice, Jason. I’ll add a couple of things that you didn’t mention.

    First, don’t bring 15 bags of crap with you. A trainer will appreciate it if you only bring the necessities. Limit it to one bag of clothes, one bag for toiletries, a pillow, & a sleeping bag.

    Second, don’t let your trainer use you as a team driver too quickly. Ideally, you should receive a lot of instruction in the beginning, and gradually get more time alone behind the wheel as you get better at driving. Don’t let yourself become a miles factory. You’re there to learn.

    Good luck!

    • Thanks Todd for the comment, yea I kinda left it open so more would throw in advice. We all can learn from each others experiences. The team driver thing is probably the most important for a new driver. I’m glad you mentioned it!


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