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Obama – More Lies Cost Tax Payers

Obama and his democratic clique in the White House are spouting off at the mouth. Spouting off about how Obama’s stimulus package of $862 billion he signed last year – is working and saving and or created roughly 3 million … Continue reading

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Kentucky Awards Owner-Operator Grant for Clean Air Technology

The Division for Air Quality (DAQ) announced today that independent truck owner-operators Paul and Lynne Fouts have been awarded $45,436 toward the purchase of a cleaner burning long-haul diesel tractor-trailer. The grant award was made available by the air quality … Continue reading

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Meet The Truck Driver

These massive trucks rolling up and down the interstates over mountains and through small towns all across the United States. People in cars and pick-ups usually are cursing when caught behind these behemoth trucks, and act like they are running … Continue reading

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NRDC Attack on City of Long Beach is Baseless and Inaccurate

Arlington, Va. – Today the NRDC announced it was filing suit against the City of Long Beach to overturn a settlement with the ATA that ended litigation over the Port of Long Beach truck concession plan. Long Beach settled the … Continue reading

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Department of Transportation Issues New Rule for Air Carriers

Washington DC – December 21, 2009 In announcing a new ruling today intended to “strengthen protections afforded to consumers,” U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood stated: “Airline passengers have rights, and these new rules will require airlines to live up to … Continue reading

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