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U.S.Truckers, think you have it bad with HOS

American truck drivers, think the HOS here in the U.S. is screwed up? I think “Truckies” from down under would disagree with you. Truckers in the U.S. drive for 11 hours, then off for ten hours. But, there is no … Continue reading

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Conspiracy Theory Speculation Paranoid Delusions in Trucking

With all the talk as of late, of cover ups, and the conspiracy theories being told by the paranoid schizophrenics that are now working as “advocates” in the trucking industry. Oh yea, didn’t you know about all this? It’s true, … Continue reading

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Women in Trucking – Interview with Ellen Voie

I posted an article (post) a couple of months ago titled Women in Trucking are they for real? First off let me say, I have never claimed to be a writer or a journalist, but I do like to try … Continue reading

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Long Haul Truckers Are Getting Spoiled On A New SleepDog Mattress

For long-haul truckers, getting a good night’s sleep is a necessity. With a new SleepDog mattress, it can also be a luxury. SleepDogMattress.com (a division of BedinaBox.com) is proud to introduce our full line of American-made (manufactured in Mount Airy, … Continue reading

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Trukz simulation game is almost as real as it gets

If you have ever wondered what it was like to be a truck driver, hauling loads up and down the highway. If you have ever wanted to do this and didn’t want to quit your job and do it for … Continue reading

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