Thursday, January 6, 2011

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Distractions and Driving, should they be removed?

November 29, 2009 by Truckdrivernews · 2 Comments 

What is a distraction, in considering it to be added to a distracted driving list?
A Distraction is the diversion of attention of an individual or group from the chosen object of attention onto the source of distraction.

Distraction is caused by one of the following: lack of ability to pay attention; lack of interest in [...]


What is the best CB Radio, Antenna that I should buy

June 5, 2009 by Truckdrivernews · 1 Comment 

I have been driving a tractor trailer for about 10+ years. I am a member to many CB Radio Forums, also a lot of Truck Driver Forums.
I see and get this question all the time, so I thought I would try and answer it here.
You made it through truck driving school, now you need a [...]


Cobra Once Again Redefines the CB Radio With the Addition of Bluetooth

February 19, 2008 by Truckdrivernews · Leave a Comment 

Cobra Electronics Announces First-of-its-Kind CB Radio with Bluetooth.Cobra Electronics (Nasdaq:COBR), the market leader in CB radios, today announced a ground-breakingnew addition to its long-established and trusted CB radio line. Set todebut at the 2008 Mid-America Trucking Show, March 27-29 in Louisville, thepatent pending 29 LTD BT is the first-ever CB radio to offer Bluetooth(R)wireless technology, [...]