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Are all these changes good for the trucking industry?

The new Hours-of-Service rules, texting and cell phone laws, the CSA, and my personal nemesis and eternal torturer of my soul, Electronic Logbooks, all claim to make the trucking industry safer. But do they? Let’s take a look at that. We’ll … Continue reading

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Anne Ferro:”This is Why US-Taxpayers and American Truck Drivers need to Foot The Bill for EOBRs for Mexican Trucks”

Ever since the announcement of the “new cross-border deal” with Mexico, and upon finding out that US taxpayers and truck drivers would be paying for the Electronic on-board Recorders (EOBR) for the Mexican trucks. The question of “why” are we … Continue reading

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Bipartisan Group Calls For Abandonment of proposed HOS Changes

A bipartisan group of Congressmen and Senators have called on the Obama administration to abandon its hours-of-service proposal and retain the current, effective safety rules. Well, finally seems a few in Washington are waking up. “The rules currently in place … Continue reading

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Distracted Driving Is a Safety Concern – But Sleepy Driving Not

The trucking industry is made up of the safest drivers on the highways. According to recent numbers released the industry is improving on those numbers too. So with that being said – why is the DOT ignoring the real problems … Continue reading

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Hours of Service Rules – Recipe For Disaster

First off this is total speculation – the rules have not changed, yet. I just think that if the rules are changed from 11 hours of driving – to 8 hours of driving – without anything else being changed that … Continue reading

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The Hours Of Service Rules: Myths And Facts

Myth: The 11-hour driving limit and 34-hour restart provisions will significantly increase truck crashes and fatalities. Facts: Since January of 2004 when the 11-hour driving limit and 34-hour restart went into effect, the large truck-involved fatal crashes fell from 4,335 (2003) … Continue reading

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Hey, Teamsters, Get Over it. Truck Driver Hours of Service Rules Are Here to Stay

The Teamsters union is petitioning the new Transportation Secretary, Ray LaHood, to overturn the changes in the truck driver hours of service rules, which were modernized in 2003 and have withstood numerous court challenges already. This seems like pure politics … Continue reading

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