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Big Rig MacGyvering

The Evil Overlord and I have driven quite a few different trucks in our driving careers, but I’ve been through more than my fair share of trucks recently. It all started with “Hell Week 2: The Sequel” and continued with my most recent truck … Continue reading

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Time to Explain the Myths about SETA – Heavier Weight for Tractor Trailers

This is beginning to really make me mad. These fools that are pushing the government to allow states to “raise” the legal weight limits for tractor-trailers – actually believe it will be safer and more fuel efficient. There is no-way … Continue reading

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E-logs: Do they really Increase Driving Time?

Thanks @ToddMcCann for posting this. Every day in America, people who “know what’s best” for truckers are trying to convince us how great e-logs are. One of the biggest things these pushers are trying to make us snort is that … Continue reading

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WIT and JJ Keller Team up to offer Anti-Harassment Best Practices Policies for Carriers

The Women In Trucking Association, with the support of J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc.® will present an anti-harassment best practices white paper for carriers to adopt for driver training. The trucking industry has struggled with how to avoid harassment … Continue reading

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E-logs: My first impression by Todd McCann

I would like to thank @ToddMcCann for giving me the permission to repost this article. As always, he has done an excellant job with getting the information out. Despite the fact that I’ve been driving for 13 years, I made … Continue reading

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Schneider National going to paperless logs

Schneider National Inc. soon will begin tracking the work hours of its 13,270 drivers electronically, a significant move in what could turn into a more general shift away from the trucking industry’s much-derided paper logbooks. That shift may come voluntarily … Continue reading

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Monson Trucking to close; 200 jobs will end in August

Monson Trucking, based in Duluth, is shutting down operations for good by Aug. 31, putting 200 people out of work. Many of its 100 employees in Duluth were told Wednesday in multiple meetings, said Michael Monson, one of the owners. … Continue reading

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