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Gender Equity for Professional Drivers by Ellen Voie

When you’re a professional driver, the steering wheel doesn’t know whether you’re a man or a woman! That’s something my friend Ingrid reminds me of when I talk about the benefits of being a woman in the trucking industry. You’re … Continue reading

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Question For People Who Complain About Trucks and Truck Drivers

It is very disheartening whenever I hear people talk badly and complain about trucks. Here is a question you need to stop and ask yourself the next time you have a complaint about truck drivers or that noisy truck. How … Continue reading

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LaHood: ‘Obsessed’ with Texting in Trucking – But What Proof

Ray LaHood became the US Secretary of Transportation on January 23rd, 2009. Obama nominated him saying: “Few understand our infrastructure challenge better than the outstanding public servant that I’m asking to lead the Department of Transportation.” In the first seven … Continue reading

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Ban on Texting for Truckers why not everyone

Well, today started out with an unofficial announcement of a ban on on Texting for Truck Drivers and Bus Drivers. Why, just trucks and bus drivers? Truck drivers for the most part are the safest drivers out on the highway. … Continue reading

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Things to know before Trucking School and your first year

It seems with the last segment that Dan Rather shot called “Mind Your Loan Business” an article might be in order for prospective people wanting to go to truck driving school. Truck driving is NOT for everyone even though you … Continue reading

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Distractions and Driving, should they be removed?

What is a distraction, in considering it to be added to a distracted driving list? A Distraction is the diversion of attention of an individual or group from the chosen object of attention onto the source of distraction. Distraction is … Continue reading

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