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I am an avid Twitter user, and every Friday on twitter is recognized by this hashtag #FollowFriday.

This morning while doing my follow Friday mentions I decided to add the hashtag #ThankYou to mine.

If you follow me on twitter you know me as @Truckdrivernews and I follow everyone back but usually try to follow truckers and supply chain and logistics and news people, etc. that deal with the trucking industry.

Today, I got a reply from someone that I didn’t even follow wanting to know ‘why’ I added #ThankYou to their mention? I answered with – Your a truck driver, right? Thanks for doing that job! The reply was – oh, Okay you are welcome. Same to you and all truck drivers. See how Pay it Forward works?

Today, some truck-drivers nationally get a one week ‘Trucker Appreciation’ given by the American trucking Association (ATA) which is not an organization for truckers, but it is for companies who join their organization. Usually though many in the trucking industry will follow suit and do a ‘Trucker appreciation week’ as well.

But, how many times have you been stuck behind a truck-driver in your personal vehicle, and just wished they would get out of your way? Trucks are big and slow its obvious by looking at it, that it would not be as fast or easy to maneuver as your car. Some people have asked me, how can I thank a truck driver? While I wouldn’t advise you to run up to one and try to hug them, you may find yourself lying on the ground.

You can thank a trucker in many ways and never even talk to them. While driving on the interstate paying attention and not doing any ‘stupid driving’ maneuvers. If you have kids have them to do the ‘national signal for honking the horn’ when you pass by a tractor-trailer. This used to make me smile every time when a car would pass and the little kids were in the back pumping that arm up and down, wanting me to blow that air-horn of course I would let it rip. Usually, it would scare the driver a little bit, but it was worth it.

Growing up on a farm I learned right a way what pay it forward meant. Neighbors would come and give my dad a hand with the farm work or cattle. Then later down the road we would be able to pay that help forward and help someone else out of a pinch. The same goes for most truck drivers I know, they would gladly give a hand if you needed something and would not ask for anything in return.

I think we should appreciate more what these men and women do every day – sometimes for weeks or months at a time. It’s not a job everyone can do, it takes a special kind of person to be a real truck-driver a professional, most I would say now are just “steering wheel holders” and wouldn’t give you the time of day. But, there are still some true “knights of the highways” out there on the road. So next time you are running a little late and a tractor-trailer is holding you up, just remember that driver is not doing it on purpose – give them a break. Be safe and enjoy life!

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    This is a great article! You covered alot of good points.

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    I went to follow you via your twitter link but it says it did not exist? Email me your @name and I’ll hook that up! mine is @ttitweets t

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