Thanksgiving on the Road


First off I want to say thank you to all the truck drivers for what you all do everyday.

Our country would be in worse shape than it is now, if it were not for you.

I know while I was out on the road, I always got to go home for the holidays. But I know a lot of you are not able to do that.

Many truck drivers get stuck out on the road during holidays. It doesn’t seem right but it is the way of life for a truck driver. I read something yesterday online that made a lot of sense. If every truck driver went home for the holidays, then there would not be supplies in the stores.

Thankfully the truck stops around always try to serve traditional holiday meals for truckers who are stuck out on the road. So if that applies to you, at least try to get into a truck stop. Petro, TA, Flying J, etc. – for a (somewhat) home cooked meal. I know, I know, it’s a truck stop but about the only choice you have.
They usually have turkey and all the fixings on Thanksgiving, which I know is not as good as a home cooked holiday meal.

But if you are stuck out on the road it’s much better than McDonald’s. Also if you are looking for a place to worship during the holidays check out Transport For Christ they are located at many TA truck stops.

I hope you all will be safe traveling this holiday season. I also hope if you are stuck out that you make a lot of money and you get whatever wishes you may have. One good thing about being out on the holidays, coops are more than likely closed. Try to make the best of it and be safe!

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