To All Trucking Veterans – Thank You


First off, I know the title of this post might seem one sided.

But it’s meaning goes out to all veterans of the past and present military.

After all, this is a trucking blog of course, I am a little biased.

Truckers today do not get enough thanks, hell they don’t get any thanks when reading about them in the news. I want to take just a moment today to thank all the veterans, Happy Veterans Day! But especially all the vets driving trucks.

You guys and gals went and fought and served in the military for our right to be a free nation in the past. Now you are taking care of business again by serving the people of this great nation. I commend you for this. Veterans are the bravest people in this nation.

Some were drafted into the military, but others took it upon themselves to sign up to fight for this country. Now a lot of you are still serving us by transporting essentials up and down the highways. To and from all points, to supply the people of this nation, and other nations.

I am not from a military background but I have a grandfather who passed on a few years ago that was in the army. I also have an uncle who just recently passed on that was in the army, I never got the chance to really thank them for what they did.

If you are out and about and see a trucker, why not thank them, today and everyday for what he or she is doing? If the trucker is a veteran then thank them twice as much, especially today!

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