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If we put aside freight-specific software designed for fleet managers and freight brokers, the subject of our interest covers a large number of mobile applications that can meet various needs of drivers and trucking vendors. Some of the apps are not directly related to the trucking business at all (Google Maps and the like). At the same time, app stores offer hundreds of apps that initially follow the smart trucking paradigm.

What do we mean by smart trucking? A complex of specially created software features that facilitate trucking workflows can be called smart trucking. All smart trucking apps can be conditionally divided into two main types: the ones supplied together with corresponding hardware (ELD) and standalone applications having no tight sticking to a particular device. Also, there is an insignificant number of apps that reside somewhere in between those two main types.

Trucker Path ELD

This mobile application can be rightfully considered as the one created by truck drivers for truck drivers. About 1 million active users of this app indirectly confirm the thesis. At the same time, rich functionality makes the app useful for both shippers and freight brokers as well.

A user-friendly interface of the app allows new users to find numerous features intuitively. The features include almost everything that any truck driver may need: reviews on more than 7K truck stops across the USA, specially created maps that help drivers avoid low bridges, the nearest overnight parking locations, comparisons on fuel prices, recording HOS logs, GPS navigation, and many more.

Hence, Trucker Path is a fully-fledged marketplace that connects truck drivers, their employers, and freight customers all in one.

What makes the application different from numerous available analogs on the market is a huge drivers’ live chat where drivers can communicate, apply for jobs, and even offer trucks for sale.

Nothing can be ideal in this world: many drivers consider that the GPS feature in the app is far from being precise. Moreover, an internet connection is compulsory to navigate with the app. Besides, there is a lack of consistency in many truck stop reviews.

Nonetheless, Trucker Path demonstrates once again that the best quality indicator of any application is user trust: customers vote with their wallets, drivers do it with their smartphones.

Even though Trucker Path is the king, a lot of alternative mobile solutions for drivers are available in app stores. Numerous ratings and reviews can help select what fits you best.

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