Trukz simulation game is almost as real as it gets


If you have ever wondered what it was like to be a truck driver, hauling loads up and down the highway. If you have ever wanted to do this and didn’t want to quit your job and do it for real, then Trukz – A trucking simulation game is for you. I would bet it to be the best game about truck driving I have ever seen.
There are games out for truck driving, but not simulated truck driving. Where you have to actually pretend to purchase, your truck, CB radio, GPS unit, tools, tires, wheels, fuel filters, etc. the list goes on and on.
I am a truck driver in real life and it is almost just like having two different jobs!

I started playing this game a couple of weeks ago. I found a link to it on, it is a addicting game. It is the most realistic game about truck drivers, and what we do that I have ever seen.
The best part of it all is that it is free to play! When you join you name your truck driver, and then they deposit $5500.00 into your account. This so you can buy your first truck and accessories to help you haul loads to different cities in the USA, Russia, Australia there may be more continents but this all I have seen so far.

When you first join TRUKZ, it also has a private message system for the game. You will receive a few pm’s from company recruiters asking you to join their company. Just like in real life! You do not have to join a company if you do not want to, you can be a independent operator if you like. But joining a company will make you more money, as they can offer discounts for purchasing trucks, fuel, repairs, accessories, even tickets! They also get contract loads which really make you the BIG bucks!
The game has been online for a year or so, but I still believe it to be the best one for truck drivers and want to be’s ever!

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13 Responses to Trukz simulation game is almost as real as it gets

  1. Drakebuster says:

    Seems like a add for Eagle Logistics to me. So I will say this, join Everbody’s Trucking Company. A company run by true game vets who are adults that enjoy the game but even more the friends we make.

  2. Coldfoot says:

    United World Trucking is my favorite (*cough* the best company) in trukz…

  3. AsphaltCowgirl says:

    I too am a driver with eagle logistics… been there over a year….. also have driven OTR before… it is very realistic!

  4. admin says:

    Thanks for the comments…To Drake and Coldfoot..opinions are like assholes everybody has them!

  5. CanadianWhiteLiner says:

    Nice comment Admin…lol should delete their company names ha ha ha

    Anyways great game I too was an OTR Driver for 15 years and I would have to say its about as real as it gets.

    ECSPECIALLY those DAMN break downs LOL


    Although those who pay should get a little more priviledges but hey $5000 is better than a kick in the arse with a frozen boot lmao

  6. admin says:

    Thanks for the comment CanadianWhiteLiner I should have deleted the company names, but then again if anyone where to join their company they would soon be looking somewhere else…

  7. CanadianWhiteLiner says:

    LMAO nice plug ..

    But I sure wouldn’t want to say anything about


    Who are the best company to work for and are always recruiting, because then I’d be no better than the rest .LOMA

    Love you Guyz LOL

  8. ARealRedneck says:

    Thanks for the comment..Oops lol…I dont even work for Eagle Logistics anymore lol..Forgot to update that one..

  9. Drakebuster says:

    Delete all you like asshole, I mean admin

  10. Drakebuster says:

    The original article here stated Eagle Logistics, nice change.

  11. ARealRedneck says:

    Hey Drakebuster…what’s up with all the negativity anyway? Your company not doing so hot? It’s just a game remember? Kids, I swear some parents should make them go to bed at a decent hour, or make them take a nap..Grow up

  12. Drakebuster says:

    Thats funny, company doing fine. As far as a kid? Try again, been in the military, drove a truck, and now a welding supervisor, with a family. The fact I was pointing out is, the original post was more like a advertisement for Eagle Logistics, that has been changed. Then people were knocking me for leaving a message about my company. It is just a game, yet the friends I have made on that game are more honorable than alot of people I have met in my career.

  13. ARealRedneck says:

    Thats more like it..I knew you had it in ya!

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