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    TWIC Facts

    • TWIC – Transportation Worker Identification Credential is a common identification credential for all personnel requiring unescorted access to secure areas of MTSA-regulated facilities and vessels, and all mariners holding Coast Guard-issued credentials. Individuals who meet TWIC eligibility requirements will be issued a tamper-resistant credential containing the worker’s biometric (fingerprint template) to allow for a positive link between the card and the individual.
    • We anticipate that over 1.2 million individuals will apply for a TWIC. This includes Coast Guard-credentialed merchant mariners, port facility employees, long shore workers, truck drivers, and others requiring unescorted access to secure areas of maritime facilities and vessels regulated by MTSA.
    • TWIC information and resources are available on the official TWIC Program web site ( and through the TWIC help desk (1-866-DHS-TWIC), at no additional cost to the enrollment fee. All information about the TWIC Program, including the enrollment process, can be found at this web site, which was recently revamped based on stakeholder feedback, and the official TWIC help desk. These resources enable applicants to pre-enroll, schedule appointments for both enrollment and activation, locate a convenient enrollment center, and access comprehensive frequently asked questions – all at no additional cost, with minimal effort and time. We encourage applicants to take advantage of these resources in order to save time and to provide you with the official information on the TWIC Program.
    • Facility and vessel owners/operators are required to notify employees of their responsibility to possess a TWIC based on their need to have unescorted access to secure areas of vessels and facilities. Notification should be provided in a timely manner to give individuals sufficient time to complete the entire enrollment process by the compliance date.
      Owners/operators are encouraged to provide this same information to personnel who are not facility or vessel employees (e.g. contractors, truck drivers). Coast Guard Captains of the Port (COTP) will also be working with the local Area Maritime Security Committees (AMSC) to inform individuals of TWIC requirements and compliance dates.
    • TWICs remain valid for five years, unless the expiration date was based on a comparable credential (Free and Secure Trade (FAST) card, Merchant Mariner Document/ License, or Hazmat Endorsement). The expiration date is displayed on the face of the TWIC. TWIC holders are responsible for knowing when to begin the renewal process. For individuals who pay the reduced fee, the expiration date of their TWIC will be five years from the date listed on the credential associated with the comparable security threat assessment.
    • Workers who require unescorted access to secure areas of maritime facilities and vessels and all U.S. credentialed mariners must enroll for a TWIC no later than April 15, 2009. Workers will be required to possess and facilities will be required to check for a TWIC on a gradual basis, by Captain of the Port zone (COTP). The compliance date for each COTP zone will be published via notice in the Federal Register 90 days prior to the compliance date.
    • All applicants must certify that they need a TWIC to perform their job. Applicants either have to currently be, or are applying to be, a port worker requiring unescorted access to secure areas of maritime facilities and vessels regulated by MTSA; or they are a commercial HME driver licensed in Canada or Mexico. Applicants also certify that the information they provide during the enrollment process is true, complete, and correct. If required, civil or criminal action may be taken if an individual provides false statements (per 49 CFR 1570.5 and 18 U.S.C. 1001).
    • Ports enforcing TWIC  include:

      • Baton Rouge, LA;
      • Houma, LA;
      • Lafayette, LA;
      • Morgan City, LA;
      • New Orleans;
      • Port Fourchon, LA;
      • South Louisiana (in LaPlace, LA);
      • Key West, FL;
      • Miami, FL;
      • Palm Beach, FL;
      • Port Everglades, FL;
      • Port Manatee, FL;
      • Tampa, FL;
      • Peoria, IL;
      • St. Louis, MO;
      • Newport News, VA;
      • Norfolk, VA;
      • Kansas City, MO.
      • Anacortes, WA
      • Everett, WA
      • Longview, WA
      • Pasco, WA
      • Seattle, WA
      • Tacoma, WA
      • Vancouver, WA
      • Coos Bay, OR
      • Portland, OR
      • Benecia, CA
      • Eureka, CA
      • Oakland, CA
      • Richmond, CA
      • Sacramento, CA
      • San Francisco, CA
      • Stockton, CA
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