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This year I will be allowing some to advertise on this website. Truck Drivers News is generating over 300,000 page hits per month, with a very targeted audience composed of truck drivers, company owners and government officials. This site features a professional blog design, and much more.n If you have a website or product that is focused on truck drivers or the trucking industry in general Truck Drivers News is the right place for you.

There are two ways to advertise on

Truck Drivers News:

  • sponsored text link – $10.00 monthly – or $100.00 per year for front page links

  • sponsored graphic link – $120.00 monthly – or $1000.00 per year

  • *Graphics should be no bigger than 300×300 pixels, and without animations.

Example size ad for front page.


Truck Drivers News reserves the right to approve sponsoring sites or to disapprove sponsoring sites. Advertising plans are agreed on a month- to-month basis unless agreement is reached for the year – and is paid in full.  Either party may terminate the relationship on 15 days notice With ONLY a 50% Refund for MONTHLY ads NO TERMINATION and NO REFUND on YEARLY AGREEMENTS. If you are interested or need more information please use the secure contact form located here – make sure you use a “good” email so that I can get back in touch with you.

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I'm just a EX-truck driver, trying to pass along a little information. I been in the Trucking Industry as a driver for over 15 years. I have driven both as an owner operator and as a company driver. I have also been a driver instructor for an accredited truck driving school in KY. I am no longer a truck driver, but I consider myself to be a watchdog for the trucking industry. In fact this site is the #1 site for getting the real news about trucking. We don't hold back here, you will hear the full story.