Who or What to believe in Trucking


Wow, this sure is going to be a long article as there is a lot to discuss. Who or what to believe when it comes to the trucking industry.

First off I want to explain myself a little here, you can choose to read it or not frankly I don’t care either way. In layman’s terms – there is a lot of bull shit floating around the Internet blogs and podcast sites, and even on Internet “radio ” shows.

And before the “little birds” read this and flutter off to the others to tell them, I’d like to say this. I really don’t care if you read this blog or not. It doesn’t make a difference to me if one person or 50 read it. I provide the information to you as the reader, it’s up to you to take it in or not.

I have been seeing some real whoppers on sites lately containing trifle information. They “claim” to be for the TRUTH, but I’m telling you now, if you read it and believe it, then you will read and believe anything. Hey I tell you what, I got some ocean front property in Kentucky I would like to sell you as well. The really sad part of it all is that these sites could be useful if only they really knew what they were talking about, and get rid of the rest of the BS!

One site’s owner who claims to be an advocate for truckers wrote an article and either knowingly or unknowingly consulted a well-known communist. Either way they showed their true colors with that, and is now considered another non-credible site of worthless information.

That is what really did it for me, I mean come on people start researching these people before you interview them or quote them. John Wojcik is a writer for The Peoples World before that called the Daily World. This publication is the self proclaimed mouth piece of the Communist Party USA. Sure they are pro labor, they are communists! Their about us page on their site makes it clear as day.

Another one of the site’s owners has a violent past, and then claims to be an advocate against violence. How does that work? Oh I know, they forgot about the past as they have changed for the better – NOT!

Some of the sites are just wanting to sell you something, but then if you give a tearful story to them they will give the information to you.

Some of the sites are mandated by their sponsors and can’t really “tell it like it is,” and can only say certain things that the sponsor approves. That is something you will NEVER see on this site. Some like to claim that my “sponsors” pay me to advertise for them. I am here to say I have no sponsors for this site. The only ads I do get paid for are the Google ads, and those are just placed there to try to help cover the cost of hosting this site and those ads don’t cost anyone to click them, but the advertiser. I allow free advertising for companies or drivers in the trucking industry that are trucking related and I approve of. Most of the time I don’t even ask for a link back to their sites.

I am in no way saying that this site is the only site that doesn’t spread the BS around. I have been known to lay it on thick sometimes, if you will remember back to April 1st of this year.

I will say this about this site, if you truly open your mind up and I have explained it well enough 95% of what I write is FACT. I just put it in a different light so as to make sure all the basis are covered, and you can then decide for yourself.

Most of the articles I write on this site I try to show that there is still variables to the equations that need answers before one can lay blame. I take the status quo for reporting an event and all the govt bull and question it in a way that dis-assembles most of the conclusions that media and govt have.

I write using the most important sense – common sense, if you don’t have and use common sense in trucking you will fail, and fail miserably. I really had no one to teach me anything about trucking, yes I did go to school to get a license, and I did have one trainer in my career as a truck driver. But my knowledge comes from trial and error and common sense.

So, who should you believe when it comes to sites that deal with trucking? I guess it is left up to whom the reader is, and what they really want to get out of an article.

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One Response to Who or What to believe in Trucking

  1. Chuck says:

    I enjoy your site and visit everyday, I read most of the articles. I have gone to a lot of other trucking sites and can feel the BS floating. But as you see I keep coming back to yours.

    Chuck Graves


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